The following oath provides guidance for study and practice in the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I solemnly promise, as a clinician, to practice my profession to the best of my ability. I will use my knowledge and skills to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical disease. I will try to help my patients to understand disease, treatment, and prognosis. I will encourage my patients to participate in decisions relating to their lives.

I will endeavor to alleviate their fears and recognize that occasionally the most meaningful treatment may be to listen with kindness and understanding.

I will treat my patients with dignity and will give to them the respect and privacy which I would hope to receive if I were ill. I will keep their trust and preserve confidentiality. I will understand that a patient’s sense of self-esteem is essential to good health.

I will value life even as I must also strive to understand the process of dying.

I will respect the wisdom of my teachers and will share my knowledge with others. I will strive to further my education and develop habits that promote further intellectual growth.

I will be proud enough to practice medicine to the best of my ability and humble enough to call for assistance when necessary. I will encourage and cooperate with all others involved in the care of my patients so that others may perform their duties effectively and with consideration.

I will live and practice medicine for people rather than for things. I desire that my empathy will never be subservient to skill and knowledge. I see my ability to be a good physician as a gift to be shared with humanity.